alexeitorey (alexeitorey) wrote in antivists,

Christianity was flawed to begin with.  It is a single idea (discipleship of Jesus) that has evolved over time to suit the needs of believers; to claim that the old way was flawed but that the new way is not doesn't work.  No new stuff has come along, and the old stuff (the Bible, etc.) has to be dismissed most of the time (Skeptic's Annotated Bible).

Some writers dismiss atheism as a social trend.  They say that atheism didn't grow out of logic, but was a reaction to blah blah blah.  Therefore, they would have you think, atheism is outmoded.

Regardless who is an atheist or what reasons they have, I can still arrive at the conclusion that there is no God without the aid of other atheists.  A Christian couldn't do that without other Christians.  Atheism is not merely a social trend--it's an idea independent of society.  Atheism can sprout in any culture; a specific religion, like Christianity, cannot.

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