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girls gone wildly stupid!

girls gone wildly stupid!
wtf is with all this girls gone wild bullshit... makes me angry. here u have this barley legal girls who often are liquored up and coaxed into doing things for the camera, and then there are the girls who want their 15 seconds of fame and think its fun to show yet another pair of boobs to a video camera. these people have made a brand name out of this cheap behaviour, and people buy this shit. wow girl on girl kissing, in the sense of the stereotypical male fantasy, girls just doing it all for the camera. i've heard of teen girls who have ambitions to be on girls gone wild... greaaat. Maybe if we show some skin, the boys will like us and we can be famous! Yet again i can hear the wheels of feminism turning backwards (more and more each day) . The only reason this sort of behaviour is allowed and continuing becuz we are allowing it to as people, theres the sells and the takers, and if it was breed out of them to do/use/buy into this shite, then it wouldn't be around.

Boo about it: Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture" by Ariel Levy.

other: some good anti porn argument faq's"
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